Human Machine Integration Lab

Robotic orthoses, prostheses, and wearable robots for enhanced mobility

Research Thrusts

Compliant Actuators

1. Focused on spring based actuators using Equilibrium Controlled Stiffness and Structure Controlled Stiffness

Prosthetics and Orthotics

1. Designed powered prosthetic ankles and orthoses
2. Co-investigator on projects to assist Stroke Survivors: RUPERT and Foot Mentor


1. We designed hip exoskeletons, HeSA, AirLegs, and PogoSuit
2. We use a Phase Oscillator Controller.
3. Member of the ASTM F48 Committee

Wearable Robotics

1. Wearable Robotics Association
2. Designed a jetpack to enhance running


Can your exoskeleton make these moves? movie

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